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Robust hardware,

Incredible performance

& Cost effective


State of the art

Plug-And-Play IIoT

add-on modules

for your new and

existing automation systems


Explore the full potential of all your devices and systems using truly interoperable solutions


We will always cover your back

Every product carries a lifetime free support along with an extra long hardware warranty.

IoT Gateway: Splinter - 1012R

Small and yet powerful Plug-And-Play IoT add-on module loaded with

"IQ Device-to-Cloud Connect"

application. Small form factor and easy to configure. 

Generic Gateway: Splinter - 1120

Rugged fan-less embedded device with a wide range of operating temperatures, multiple connectivity ports, local/ cloud storage. Support for IEC 61850, Modbus, 101/104, DLMS, Mqtt and more..

IQuest Simulators

Our State of the art Protocol Simulator and Analyzer tools are capable of simulating single or 
multiple IEDs for troubleshooting and testing of various communication protocols like: 101/104, Modbus, MMS, GOOSE, SV, MQTT etc.

IQuest RTU 5560

RTU/FRTU/DCU solutions based on rugged embedded programmable automation controllers. Hot swappable I/O modules, multiple communication ports, remotely configurable and wide protocol support.


Enable continuous monitoring of your plants using our cloud based monitoring systems. GridOnCloud  dashboards are PC/Mobile/Tablet friendly, lightweight and user friendly.


Our AMR solutions are easy to configure and tend to decrease the engineering costs. AMR-IQ provides the option for local monitoring, file logging & interfacing with an already existing Enterprise Software

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