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Smart Grids

Until few years back power outages were mostly reported to the utility companies by the end customers. Things have changed a lot nowadays. Utilities have smart devices not just to monitor and report such outages but also recover from those. Using smart controllers, smart meters and modern numerical relays the monitoring and control of power equipment is focused to quickly identify the faults, reduce the duration and impact of faults and recover from the fault as fast as possible.

The general understanding is that the Smart Grid is the concept of modernizing the electric grid using digital control and monitoring solutions.

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61850 SCL Files

The unique thing about communication protocols defined for the IEC 61850 standard is the way in which data is structured in the devices. While legacy protocols worry about how data is sent on the wires, 61850 protocols follow an object oriented approach of storing the data and configuring it. SCL (Substation Configuration Laguage) files based on xml format are used to configure the entire IEC 61850 substations. The files present the data modeled in a tree like hierarchy which explains the capabilities and configuration of a device or the entire substation. There are different types of SCL files involved while engineering a substation like ICD, CID, SCD etc. There are also a lot of tools available in the market that can be used in an inter-operable way to configure any of these SCL files and thus engineer a device or an entire substation. And if you cant find a suitable tool, try your luck editing these files in a text editor because afterall these are xml based text files.

Get in touch if you are looking for a suitable tool to work on SCL files.

SCL (2).png
Industry 4.0

The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. Fiber Optics, Gigabit Ethernet, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are common terms we come across or are already using at one place or the other.

Leveraging these technologies for your plant's automation can bring in a lot of benefits like: Improved Productivity, Easy access to Information, Reduced Operating Costs, Data Reliability, Reduced Downtime & Predictive Maintenance.

Our Cloud-IQ & Connected Manufacturing Solutions can help you realize these benefits at a margin of the cost.

Protocol Simulators

There would hardly be anyone in this industry who hasn't used ModScan for resolving Modbus communication issues. Do you know that the same company that built ModScan which is a Master Simulator, also has a Slave simulator by the name of ModScan32 and is one of the most easiest available Modbus simulators in the market.

Link :

​If you need more,  then have a look at this simulator: EasyModbusTCP/UDP/RTU .NET 

This is an open source tool freely available on the internet.

​Need a completely free tool for IEC 104? Explore QTester104, it is one of the best free simulator tool available as an open source project.


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