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​Let's plug in your plant to the cloud

Plug-And-Play IoT solutions

Remote monitoring & Data Analytics dashboards

Embedded Security solutions

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IoT & more

Azure/AWS/Private cloud based EMS with IoT & Big data analytics, customized for your DAQ needs


Gateways & Simulators

Protocol Converters & more

Tools & devices that support multiple protocols, provide seamless connectivity & ease troubleshooting


Energy Automation

Controllers, Remote I/Os & more

Solutions for Smartgrids, Microgirds, Renewable plants, T&D substations & control centers. 

About us

We are your Industrial Automation Partners.


Our innovative software and hardware solutions can be tailored as per your project requirements and offer the best in class performance and still be cost effective.

At IED Quest we ensure our solutions strictly follow the conformance standards and provide true interoperability amongst your DAQ Systems.

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