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​Let's plug in your plant to the cloud

Plug-And-Play IoT solutions

Remote monitoring & Data Analytics dashboards

Embedded Security solutions

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Energy Management & more

Empower your operations with our cutting-edge Cloud-based Energy Management and Industrial Automation solution.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform seamlessly integrates the latest IoT technologies to optimize energy consumption, streamline industrial processes, and enhance operational efficiency.


Controllers & Gateways

IoT Controllers & more

Discover our rugged IoT Controllers and Gateways, engineered for seamless connectivity and reliability in demanding environments.

With versatile options including isolated RS-485, LAN, WiFi, and hardwired Digital/Analog IOs, our devices ensure comprehensive connectivity for your industrial applications. 


Energy Automation

AMR, DAQ Solutions & more

Elevate your industrial operations with our comprehensive Industrial Automation Solutions. From Energy Management to Smart Grids, Microgrids, Renewable Plants, Control Centers and T&D Substations, we offer tailored solutions to optimize efficiency and reliability across your infrastructure. 

At IED Quest, we specialize in developing innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate advanced IoT technologies with industrial automation systems, empowering businesses to optimize their energy consumption, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce environmental impact.

Our innovative software and hardware solutions can be tailored as per your project requirements and offer the best in class performance and still be cost effective.

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