Smart Grid

Ever wondered what makes them 'smart' ?

Do you know about self healing & self optimized grids or AMR Solutions ?

IEC 61850

IEC 61850 is lot more than just protocol, its a standard.

Its lot more than just a software thing!! 

A quick introduction session...


The 4th industrial revolution is already here.

Are you making the best use of connected devices and cloud services?


From Modbus to OPC, from MMS to MQTT and from IEC 60870 to DNP3 each protocol has its own significance and unique features which gives some advantages over the other.


With so many tools available in the market which one would suit best for your need?

Simulation, testing, troubleshooting, 

self- learning, and configuration there are a whole lot of tools that can do the task for you.


WireShark by far is the most widely used tool to analyze the traffic, but some times the analyzers built specifically for a protocol can take away a lot of your pain in finding what's wrong.

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